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Bon Jovi Song Lyrics


Well I woke up this morning
I rolled out of bed
I felt like a dog who's been
Kicked in the head
Checked out my mail
There was a letter that I read

Love for sale,love for sale

I picked up the phone
I called everyone I could
I let my fingers do the walking
Through the telephone book
You can't catch a fish
If you ain't got a hook

Love for sale,love for sale

Send up a signal
Throw me a line
Somebody explain "this funny Valentine"
It might not be legal
But it sure ain't a crime
I'm one step from crazy and two steps behind

I called Lt.Columbo from my TV set
I've tried the Dating Game
I haven't found her yet
I'm hoping that she's looking like a Penthouse

Love for sale,love for sale

We've been living together
3 years,2 hours,20 minutes
Maybe four hundred beers
You can't shop for love when
You're shopping at Sears

Love for sale,love for sale

I guess I've learnt my lesseon
It was easy to see
My old lady she played this joke on me
I never looked where I forgot it would be
Love for sale,love for sale
Love for sale,love for sale
Love for sale,love for sale

Bon Jovi
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