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Bon Jovi Song Lyrics


J. Bon Jovi, R. Sambora

Bet the black comes in red, crimes of passion rule my head
I need you, you want him, dressed to kill we live in sin

I know the game you play, I know it well
You just keep on playin' when all the bets are down

Roulette you're goin' round in a spin,
Caught up in a game you just can't win
Roulette, you're just a fantasy
It's everything that you want it to be

Play the numbers one by one, fire the shot and the damage is done
Restless lovers pay the price, cheating hearts don't think twice

When you make the rules no one can slow you down
You just keep 'em waiting when you're on the prowl

Repeat chorus x 2

Backdoor runner got away this time
Leaves her mark at the scene of the crime
Nothing matters, no faces, no names
You're just a number, it's all the same
You just love to play the game

I know the game you play, I know it well
You just keep on playin' when all the bets are down

Repeat chorus x 2

Bon Jovi
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