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Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross Song Lyrics

The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail

The day that jackie jumped the jail
There was a big explosion just as he got off the motorway
And thirty thousand fireworks took the piss out of princes street gardens
So he drove up to the budgie for a livener
See the smell of cabbages first thing in the morning

The sun will be up again
And you you will be loved again

After the sausages and cream of the barley
There was aframe or two to be had at the "imperial" on mitchell street
Five years ago he`d buried her memory with a snooker cue on a daft wee student`s head
Still he remembered everything

The sun will be up again
And you you will be loved again
And the wind
And the rain
And the wind
And the rain
Falls around

As he walked down hope street he thought about the last time they`d been together
He`d been wearing a green parka and he`d bought her yellow stilettos
That squeezed her toes
He`d told her the whole story as she took him into the wee penn behind sloan`s
And let him feel her all over
For the last time
Ten minutes later the meat wagon picked him up

The sun will be up again
And you,you will be loved again
You will be loved
And the wind
And the rain
Falls around
All over this town

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