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Doubledrive Song Lyrics

Belief System

Put a pair of black shoes on that man
get another black shroud for him
wake up in this nightmare
wipe the sweat from your brow
lokkin' for a change
to make some sense
you get the little green men from him
livin' in an innuendo
linear time to spare

Our meteoria has been sent
our captain said
release the breath you're holdin'
and what i really want to know
what i mean to say
you've ordered up somethin'
delivery's on the way

You want off this world
and now you're gonna leave it
come inside and sit down
beside yourself

Who is flyin' the ship now
oh, you won't believe it
come inside and sit down
beside yourself
i don't think you're ready
you got to stay
you got to go
i don't think you're ready

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