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Jim Carroll Band Song Lyrics

Love Crimes

Hollywood looks good at night
The TVs get fine reception
But last night Jean told Steve
About her imminent conception

She wants a plum tree for the house, for their child
Stevie raised his head and said, "That's wild!"

Stevie tried and tried
Jean would not comply
She said, "Your partying needs, you see,
Ain't nothing to this seed in me
You make love a crime

Billy don't live in his spirit
Billy don't live in his heart
Billy walks around Times Square at night
His body is his art

Life is easy when you're pretty and 16
Just make sure that your underwear is clean

Billy don't ask why
He just stares at the sky
He says, "Love always leaves you bent,
This way I pay the rent."
He makes love a crime

I still believe in romance
I just think there's something missing
'Cause last night just by chance,
I saw you and Ivan kissing

Jealousy rose up right
>From its hole
Just when I had it all under control

Say goodbye, goodbye
'Cause you're both gonna die
Don't ask me why
It's all in your eyes,
You made love a crime

Don't ask me why
It reflects in your eyes
You made love a crime

Copyright Dr. Benway Music, ASCAP (1983

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