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Alicia Keys Song Lyrics

The Life

verse 1:
Everyday i realize that this might be the last day of my life
Walkindown the streets i find (heyyyyy)
Im coming closer and closer to losing my mind
Cuz when it rains, it pours
Isnt life worth more?
I dont even know what im hustlinfor
You gotta do what you gotta do
Just to make it through
All the hard times thats gonna face you

This is the life
(this is the life)
Striving to survive
(yeah 6xs)

Verse 2:
Living will always be a struggle
Looking for someone true to love you
Looking back i see all the horrors
This madness makes me wanna holla
I watch slowly, internally
Im dying
Pillowcases wet from all my crying
Cuz there is nothing more to be here for
Take me away
I cant live that life no more

(chorus 4xs)

This is the life
Yeah (6xs)
(repeat with adlibs till end)

Alicia Keys
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