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Nate Dogg Song Lyrics

Girls All Pause

Gangsta, Gangsta, Gangsta, Gangsta (yeah, who is it)
The girls all pause (Roscoe)
Dogg Pound (Nate Dogg, Kurupt) DOGG POUND (h.g)
Where the gangsta's at?? (woof! woof!) (shhhhh)
Where the gangsta's at?? (check it out)

When the gangsta's came, see its the same ol' gang
Same ol' gangsta gang, its the same old thang
Just new days and new ways to twist
Its like this, the gangsta's came and the....

Girls all pause

[Nate Dogg]
When I tell you lately
Seems no one can fade me
It just might drive you crazy
Watching gangsta's walk (gangsta's walk)

Gin and juice, hen and coke,
Rum and coke, and five ounces of dope
In the middle of the twist, in the cud of smoke
Where my dogs, are the hogs, O.G's and loc's
All the....

Girls all pause

[Nate Dogg]
Got 10 girls that pay me
Just so they can lay me
And when they come to see me, I just drop my drawers

Girls all pause

[Nate Dogg]
When the gangsta's hit the room (gangsta's walk)
And make 'um wanna leave with you (girls all pause)
When the gangsta's hit the room (gangsta's talk)
And make 'um wanna leave with you (girls all pause)

When I came in, ramming,
With my pistol and my cannon
I wanna get somethin' blew off now
Dogg Pound Gangsta's with the gangsta sound
We make the....

World go round

[Nate Dogg]
Girls they make me wiery
Homies try to steer me
But I stay on my own street they might steer me wrong (girls all pause)

She say I'm young, but I'm cute
The kind of guy she likes, in room 8024

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