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Talk Dc Song Lyrics

Welcome to our Talk Dc song lyrics page. Here you will find the lyrics to some of the best Talk Dc songs. Also, we have an extensive collection of links to Talk Dc related sites and merchandise.

4 07
Mark Hollis/ Simon Brenner / Lee Harris / Paul Webb)

Oh oh oh

40 Live
I waited patiently for the Lord
He inclined and heard my cry
He brought me

5 09 5 09
Mark Hollis / Tim Friese-Greene)


After The Flood 9 26
Mark Hollis / Tim Friese-Greene)

Sang soulless loud
Herding step on flesh and nothing

More Talk Dc Song Lyrics

Again A Game Again 4 09
Alas My Love
Another Word 3 12
April 5th 5 50
Ascension Day 6 00
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Dum Dum Girl
Dum Dum Girl 3 51
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Final Days
Gah Ta Be
Give It Up 5 16
Happiness Is Easy 6 31
Hate 3 57
Have You Heard The News 5 05
He Loves Me
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In The Light
Inheritance 5 10
Jesus Freak
Jesus Is Just Allright
John Cope 4 41
Like It Love It Need It
Living In Another World
Living In Another World 6 55
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My Foolish Friend 3 18
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Red Letters
Renee 6 22
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Socially Acceptable
Strike Up The Band 2 42
Stump 4 42
Such A Shame
Such A Shame 5 42
Talk Talk
Talk Talk 3 22
Taphead 7 01
That Kinda Girl
The King Allelujah
The Last Time 4 22
The Rainbow 9 22
There Is A Treason At Sea
Time Ta Jam
Today 3 28
Tomorrow Started 5 57
Voices Praise Him
Wanna Be Loved
Wealth 6 35
What Have We Become
What If I Stumble
Without You 3 24

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