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TATU Song Lyrics

Welcome to our TATU song lyrics page. Here you will find the lyrics to some of the best TATU songs. Also, we have an extensive collection of links to TATU related sites and merchandise.

Do Not Believe, Do Not Fear
Different nights, different people,
Wants- doesn't want, bites - doesn't bite (loves - doesn't love),

Doschitai Do Sta (Count Up To 100)
He said "I'm tired"
He won't be brought back
You're counting

Ja Tvoya Ne Pervaja (I Am Not Your First)
Do you see wind?
So what?

Prostye Dvizheniya (Simple Moves)
I continue simple moves
You continue my continuations
I am you,

More TATU Song Lyrics

Shoe me love
Ya Tvoi Vrag (I Am Your Enemy)
Zachem Ya (Why Am I)
all the thing she said
all the thing she say
Tutte Le Cose Che Ha Detto
All The Things She Said (Maltese Translation)

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